League Rules

2020 League Rules  - game rules for the shortened 2020 season remain the same as in 2019.


Covid-19 Protocols - please refer to this document for our league protocols for minimizing risk of exposure to the coronavirus during our games.


In addition, there are a few added game rules to stay within the Provincial Stage 3 Re-opening Ontario Act:

  • There will be 6 teams, split into 2 divisions of 3 teams, in order to stay within the Provincially mandated 50 player bubble.
  • Each team will play 12 games (6 against each of the other 2 teams in your division) between Aug 6 and Sept 17.
  • 2 games will be scheduled on each of Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week
  • "A" division will be Bandits, Cock'd N Loaded, Gators
  • "B" division will be Beer Nuts, Wild Wing and a new group made up of players from the other teams
  • start times for games will be 6:30 and 8:30 at Bloomingdale (except for 2 games on opening night at Budd #1); games will be 90 minutes no new inning, 100 minutes drop dead (and revert to previous full inning). This will leave 20 minutes for transition to the late game - please do not go to the diamond for the late game until the players from the early game have vacated.
  • roster limit will be 16 players for each team to stay within the 50 player bubble limit

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